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Savage Gear Cannibal Kit

Savage Gear Cannibal Kit

  • XS Kit -12x Cannibal Shad 5.5cm, 4x 6.4cm Cannibal Shad Curltail, 4x #2 ball jig heads - 2x 2.5g, 2x 4g
  • S Kit -12x Cannibal Shad 6.8cm, 4x 8.4cm Cannibal Shad Curltail, 4x #1 ball jig heads - 1x 4g, 2x 5g, 1x 7g
  • M Kit -12x Cannibal Shad 8cm, 4x 10cm Cannibal Shad Curltail, 4x #2/0 ball jig heads - 1x 5g, 2x 7g, 1x 10g
  • L Kit -10x Cannibal Shad 10cm, 5x 12.5cm Cannibal Shad Curltail, 5x #3/0 ball jig heads - 1x 5g, 2x 7g, 1x 10g, 1x 12.5g
  • All kits supplied in a handy clip shut lure box
  • A mixture of classic cannibal shads in a a variety of colours, with the new curltail design and jig heads in a perfect kit for Perch and Pike!
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