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Savage Gear 3D Suicide Duck

Savage Gear 3D Suicide Duck

  • 10.5cm weight 28g
  • Based on a 3D scan of a real duck
  • Hard ABS ultra-strong body with semi soft, durable feet
  • 2 styles of action, attach the line to the beak and the lure runs with a low discrete posture like a duckling trying to hide or escape, or attach the line to the chest and the lure will run higher, with a more panic feeling action
  • Can be fished fast or slow, with short or long pulls and mimics a duckling in the most realistic way
  • Great top water action with plopping and splashing feet
  • Belly landing balanced so the lure always lands right side up
  • 2 feathered hooks, 1 on the chest and 1 on he back, clipped to the body to ensure a good hookup rate
  • Back hook / weedless option, just removed the chest treble for fishing snaggy or weedy areas
  • *Now supplied with additional stinger wire for increased hook-ups!*
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